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Member (April 1, 2022)

DepartmentInstitute for Cosmic Ray Research
NameTitleAffiliationOther Affiliation
Takaaki KajitaDirector, Professor Institute for Cosmic Ray Research Kavli IPMU Principal investigator
Masayuki NakahataDeputy Director,ProfessorKamioka Observatory Director of Institute for Cosmic Ray Research,
Kavli IPMU Principal investigator
Masato ShiozawaProfessorKamioka ObservatoryDirector of Kamioka Observatory,
Kavli IPMU Senior Scientist
Shigetaka MoriyamaProfessorKamioka ObservatoryKavli IPMU Principal investigator
Yoshitaka ItowVisiting ProfessorProfessor, Institute for Space-Earth Enviornmental ResearchICRR Visiting Professor
Tsuyoshi NakayaVisiting ProfessorProfessor, Graduate School of Science, Kyoto UniversityICRR Visiting Professor
Yoshinari HayatoAssociate professorKamioka ObservatoryKavli IPMU Scientist
Hiroyuki SekiyaAssociate professorKamioka ObservatoryKavli IPMU Scientist
Kimihiro OkumuraAssociate professorResearch Center for Cosmic Neutrinos Director of Research Center for Cosmic Neutrinos,
Kavli IPMU Scientist
Shoei NakayamaAssociate professorKamioka ObservatoryKavli IPMU Scientist
Atsushi TakedaAssociate professorKamioka ObservatoryKavli IPMU Scientist
Yasuhiro NishimuraVisiting Associate professorAssociate professor, Faculty Science and Technology, Keio UniversityICRR Visiting Associate professor
Katsuki HiraideProject associate professorKamioka Observatory
Yoichi AsaokaProject associate professorKamioka Observatory
Makoto MiuraResearch associate Kamioka ObservatoryKavli IPMU Associate Scientist
Jun KamedaResearch associateKamioka ObservatoryKavli IPMU Associate Scientist
Ko AbeResearch associateKamioka ObservatoryKavli IPMU Associate Scientist
Motoyasu IkedaResearch associateKamioka ObservatoryKavli IPMU Associate Scientist
Hidekazu TanakaResearch associateKamioka ObservatoryKavli IPMU Associate Scientist
Yosuke KataokaResearch associateKamioka ObservatoryKavli IPMU Associate Scientist
Kei IekiResearch associateKamioka ObservatoryKavli IPMU Associate Scientist
BRONNER,ChristopheProject Research associateKamioka Observatory
Takatomi YanoProject Research associateKamioka Observatory
Yasuhiro TakemotoProject Research associateKamioka Observatory
Takuya TashiroProject Research associateResearch Center for Cosmic Neutrinos
DepartmentKavli Institute for the Physics and Mathematics of the Universe
NameTitleAffiliationOther Affiliation
Hiroaki AiharaProject Professor
Mark Robert VaginsProfessor  
Kai Uwe MartensAssociate professor  
Mark Patrick HartzAssociate professor  
DepartmentSchool of Science
NameTitleAffiliationOther Affiliation
Masashi YokoyamaProfessorDepartment of PhysicsKavli IPMU Scientist
Yasuhiro NakajimaAssosiate ProfessorDepartment of Physics
Kota NakagiriAssistant ProfessorDepartment of Physics
DepartmentEarthquake Research Institute
Shunichi NakaiProfessorDivision of Earth and Planetary Materials Science
Hiroyuki TanakaProfessorCenter for High Energy gEophysics ResearchInternational Muography Research Organization, Professor (Director)
Akito ArayaProfessorCenter for Geophysical Observation and Instrumentation
Aitaro KatoProfessorEarthquake Prediction Research Center
Yasuyuki KanoAssociate professorEarthquake Prediction Research Center
Akimichi TaketaAssistant ProfessorCenter for High Energy gEophysics ResearchInternational Muography Research Organization, Research associate


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